The Tropical Paradise called Caramoan

Nature-filled Adventure at its BEST–blue crystal clear water, white sand; a very relaxing place. Say hello to Caramoan!



Actually, it was my friend’s idea to go to Caramoan in Camarines Sur which at that time, I have no idea about it. No relatives or even friends I have known who already visited the islands. So I took time to research all over the internet how it looks like and I must say, I am very excited to discover Caramoan! I will be sharing surprises I got during this trip. Since we wanted to have a hassle-free trip, we availed a tour package and I’m thankful to my friend Dei because she coordinated everything to the tour operator. The three of us, my friends and I, gathered ourselves in Trinoma for our van to pick us up at 9pm. Mang Rueben, our driver, told us we have to wait for the other three and yes we gained new friends!

The good thing about our itinerary was that the pick-up and drop off place is in Trinoma which is near our house (approximately 30mins) so I thought was very convenient for me. What I did not know is that we will be having a 10-hour travel from Manila to Naga since we will travel by land (surprise # 1). We had stop overs during the ride though and slept all night. Due to bumpy ride, when I woke up I felt something hurting on my forehead and found out nagka-bukol ako. Ouch!

DAY 1: We arrived in Sabang Port around 8:30am and waited for our boat ride from Sabang Port to Guijalo Port. So Mang Reuben and Kuya Ruel (our tour guide/coordinator) parked the van somewhere near the port just like others who traveled by land. Another option is, you may travel by air via Naga airport so it will be more convenient to you and hindi pa kayo magkaka-bukol hehe!

Do you want to know surprise # 2? While waiting for the boat, I have heard Mang Reuben saying na kailangan kaming buhatin just to be in the boat. Na-stress ako! I haven’t experienced being carried by other person. But I have no choice and mas na-stress ako kasi maalon pa. After a 30-45minutes ride, we arrived in Guijalo Port wherein our jeepney is waiting for us.

Finally, we reached Rex Tourist Inn to relax but told us no rooms available so we transferred to their other accommodation which is way better than the first one. We had lunch first at nearby ‘carinderia’ for only Php60-70 per person.  At 1pm, our discovering Caramoan started. We didn’t have any problem with our land/sea transfers and island hopping boat since everything is included in the package except for food.

I was in awe upon seeing such an amazing paradise. The first island that we visited is the Matukad. Then, Hunongan Cove and Malatatikan Island. We really enjoyed the sun, sand and sea in Caramoan.

DAY 2: We woke up at around 5:30am and had breakfast in the ‘carinderia’. And we also ordered our packed lunch for the whole day island hopping. Caramoan Islands is also known as the Survivor’s place because it has been the secret location for other country’s Survivor series. For 25 years, the reality show rented Caramoan since 2008. So, you cannot visit the islands where Survivor is taking place. There are six islands in the Caramoan Peninsula and every island will give you unique adventurous experience. You can enjoy kayaking or scuba diving and you can stay overnight in any of the islands. Be sure you have: tents and camping gear, first aid kit, food and water. Our island hopping continues as we first went to Cotivas Island.

Then we hopped to Manlawi Sandbar where we had our lunch. And we enjoyed the other island called Bang-ing.

Lastly, we went to visit the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary (Mother of Peace Grotto) in Tagbon. Would you know how many steps before you can reach the shrine? There are 524 steps! Be sure to bring lots of water if you want to go here.

On our last night in Caramoan, we had a good time with our new friends. We had a videoke night and ate some ice cream before going to sleep.

And since, I already experienced to be carried by other person. Guess what? Not only one but there were two men carrying me! LOL

Date of our Island Adventure: March 26-28, 2010

Our Expenses: Php4,100 for the Caramoan Tour Package


                                    For pasalubong (pili nuts, etc.) depends on your budget

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